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You have a lot to learn

learn the basics of the calisthenics.

Not just pullups, any workouts could rep and how you can increase the speed. Program your workout for particular reps.

How to do a Pullups.

How to do a Pushups.

How to do more reps.

How to learn perfect forming technique.

How to increase the numbers of particular moment.

How to plan your raps and set for endurance training.

When is the right time to start weighted calisthenics.

The weight depends on how good your reps are. You can start with 2.5-5 kg. Upgrade to do 3 to 5 sets, then start with 10-15 kg.

How to progress in weighted calisthenics?

What are the benefits of weighted calisthenics?

15 clean in pull ups at least before you start weighted.

25-30 clean push ups before starting weighted push ups.

Basic squats are clean then start weighted squats.

15-20 dips, before you start with weighted dips.

Street lifting is also a part of the weighted calisthenics.

An advanced version in which you train for one rep max. Street lifting is the powerlifting done with calisthenics moves.

We train for Stamina.

We train for Muscle gain

We train for Weight loss.

We train for Agility.

We train for Mobility.

We train for Skills.

Static Skills for Beginners to Advance

Beginner - Frog Stand, Elbow Lever, Handstand, Clutch Lever

Intermediate - Human Flag, Front Lever, Back Lever, Shoulder Flag

Advance - Plank, Maltese, One Arm Handstand

Dynamics - 180° Swing, 360°, 540°, Muscle Over, Gainer

Strength Skills - Hefesto , One Arm pullups, Impossible Dips, Human Flag Pullups

Proper Tanning and Conditioning for Beginner Level

Different Variations of Flips and Tricks from Beginner to Advance Level

Flips and Tricks like Tumbles, Front Flip, Back Flip, Hand Spring, Double Back